Jan 23, 2019

Ornstein-Schuler Investments Discontinues Conservation Easement Option

Notice from Ornstein-Schuler Investments LLC Regarding Conservation Easements - 1/23/2019

Ornstein-Schuler and its affiliates specialize in securing real estate and private equity investment options for accredited investors in investment-grade land, apartment complexes, office buildings, and other types of real estate. In prior years, the members of certain partnerships that owned undeveloped land voted to Read More...

Jun 4, 2019

Ornstein-Schuler Announces Donation to Atlanta-based Wellspring Living

At Ornstein-Schuler Investments, we remain committed to safeguarding and empowering the most vulnerable in our society and that includes those who are at risk for and victims of sexual exploitation. With the right resources, support and care, they must be given every opportunity to move forward and succeed. By providing trauma-informed care and offering Read More...

Corporate Responsibility

At Ornstein-Schuler Investments we take great pride in the community in which we live and conduct business, and actively strive to advance social and environmental sustainability.  We understand the importance of giving back and encourage members of our team to support and get involved in not just local and state of Georgia causes, but also regional and national causes that excite them.

Meet the Team

Ornstein-Schuler is an Atlanta-based company that specializes in real estate and private equity investments. Our company provides investors with the opportunity to own a partnership interest in investment grade land, apartment complexes, office buildings, and other real estate investment opportunities.

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